How to Buy Cryptocurrency

We recommend Coinbase for your first foray into a Cryptocurrency Exchange with the added bonus and caveat that they have an affiliate link offering free bitcoin to both parties for referrals.  Our first trades on their platform went smoothly and the smartphone apps they offer are easy to use and navigate. At the time of this writing, Coinbase had 5 different cryptocurrencies trading that included Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, Ethereum Classic and Litecoin with rumors of more alt coins coming to the platform soon. To get started trading requires linking a bank account or debit card.  Not all financial institutions are keen on losing customers to cryptocurrency and some have been known to shut user accounts and deny access to crypto-exchanges. To avoid this, we decided to set up a fee free online banking account with the added benefit of lowering some transaction fees that come with moving money around. After looking at our options, we chose online banker SIMPLE due to many factors including no fees, ATM access and their easy to use Mobile Apps; they also offer a $20 referral to both parties for the first purchase made on their debit card.  One more service we are in the process of evaluating is the Robinhood investment platform that is now offering trading in cryptocurrencies. In addition to offering a free stock for signups on referral, they have a sleek looking smartphone app that makes investing in stocks and cryptocurrency seem less intimidating somehow.