Exploring Proptech, Artificial Intelligence and Blockchain Technologies for Real Estate Applications.

How does AI and Blockchain apply to Real Estate you might ask?  After an in-depth look at the emerging technologies surrounding machine learning and distributed ledger solutions, the short answer is it has the potential to lower costs, shorten timeframes and streamline a market that has many built in inefficiencies.   From international transaction settlements to title issues, predictive and blockchain related services aim to revolutionize the process of buying and selling real estate to the advantage of businesses and consumers alike in an industry that has been historically protective of it’s entitled stakeholders.

An interesting Real Estate Blockchain service out of Switzerland called BrikBit is busy defining an ecosystem for Real Estate Digital Assets utilizing the Lisk Platform to enable Real Estate Projects to create their own blockchain as a BrikBit sidechain.   An upcoming October ICO for their BRIK token will help gauge the current market sentiment for this cutting edge tech.

On the leading edge of utilizing Artificial Intelligence for the Commercial Real Estate Industry is Skyline AI and its innovative group of Engineers and Data Science pros who are hard at work integrating traditional and alternative data sources to streamline the Investment Decision process with data driven objective insights.  Whew – didn’t think I would get all that out.  What a challenge.  

Helping to further the goal of Real Estate on the Blockchain, we give props to the International Blockchain Real Estate Association for their sponsored events and extensive resource of videos from prior conferences. Thanks IBREA.